Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brass Extravaganza

This past Monday (2/19), Tommey began the proceedings with a piece on the Univox, played through the Workshop's new guitar amp.

Boxcars Boxcars Boxcars (Dan Blacksberg - trombone, Adam Dotson - euphonium, and Joe Moffett-trumpet) performed a few improvisations in preparation for their performance at the JP Library on Thursday. Hooper Piccalero, a chamber ensemble with Danilo Henriquez and Lauren Strobel, trumpets, Matt Plummer, trombone, and Derek Beckvold, bari sax, performed some study pieces by Christian Wolff, in preparation for concerts at NEC on Wednesday and Sunday.

The second half featured Adam on piano in a duo with Joe, and a finale with all of the brass players together, which was surprisingly quiet, given the potential of the forces involved.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2nd Monday, 2/12

Our 2nd Monday concert went very well -- many thanks to the performers for sharing their music. Ted Reichman posts some thoughts on his blog here.

Stay tuned for news about upcoming Mondays.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Last Monday (1/29) we had Kim Cass, who usually performs as a bassist, on guitar and alto sax, and vocalist Yi-Chen Chang (from Taiwan).
We have a terrific lineup for our next 2nd Monday Concert, February 12th:

* Jorrit Dijkstra - saxophone, Ted Reichman - accordion,
Eric Rosenthal - drums

* Justin Purtill - guitar/bass, Leo Genovese - piano,
Austin McMahon -percussion, Jeff Kimmel - bass clarinet

* Jake Estner - singer-songwriter

Doors - 8, Music - 8:30.
@ The Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge --> see "Details" on the right.