Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Photos from the 2nd Monday Concert, 4/9

The Know Trio, with Jorrit Dijkstra on lyricon.

Anthony Coleman's Retake Iowa, performing "I Diet on Cod."
Special thanks to Ted Reichman for sitting in at the last minute:

Was in the middle of making dinner last night when I got called to do an emergency substitution in Coleman's student ensemble down in Hyde Park. The last time something like this happened, I was making a mango salsa or something and the phone rang with Steven Bernstein looking for a sub for his banjo player. Right there I should have known I was in trouble. An hour or two later, I ended up onstage at tonic with Bernstein telling the audience he had pulled me out of a threesome with Winona Ryder and Arnold Schwarzenegger or some such BS. Julie was not amused, and I swore I was not making that mistake again.

But in the end, I could not say no to Coleman, and there I was, back at the Eagles hall, sight reading his new piece "I Diet on Cod" with his hopped-up students. More fun than the MTO.

Chris Veilleux and Dana Jessen.

From L to R: Ima Jonsdottir, Dan Shaud, Dana Jessen, Matt Plummer, Chris Veilleux, Joe Moffet, Gary Fieldman (on piano) and Jorrit Dijkstra, concluding the evening with a group improvisation.

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